Makorako Camp

East Taupo Lands Trust

  • Open Tussock Valleys
  • Beech gullies and guts
  • Big open tussock tops
  • Ecology Spur drop off point on Southern Boundary

Hunting Conditions:

  1. Maximum of one deer per person plus one per party. (Example: 3 hunters – maximum 4 deer)
  2. DOC hunting permits are required if hunting on adjoining DOC land.
  3. No shooting stags in velvet.
  4. No night shooting or spot lighting or use of night vision equipment, infra-red and or heat detecting devices.
  5. This block is open year round.

Patutu Hut

Kaimanawa Lands Trust

  • Good Roar
  • Some open tops
  • Steep Beech sides
  • Small 4 bunk hut

Mangaorangi Drop Off

East Taupo Lands Trust

  • Drop off for access to upper Jap Creek and Paemahi Plateau
  • Camp site near drop off on public land
  • Some open tops
  • Beech Forrest
  • Sika
  • DOC permit required

Jap Creek Drop Off

East Taupo Lands Trust

  • DOC access only
  • Camp site on public land
  • Good bush hunting
  • Beech
  • Sika
  • DOC permit required

Manson Bivvy

D.O.C Kaweka Bivvy

  • Steep bush & scrub faces.
  • Small open tops.
  • Small 3 bunk bivvy.
  • Outside fire and cooking.

Te Rua Flats Campsite

D.O.C Kaweka Helipad

  • Steep native sides.
  • Scruby river terraces.
  • Campsite only.
  • Good fishing.
  • Rainbows.

Tiraki Helipad

D.O.C Kaimanawa Helipad

  • Tight bush block.
  • Restricted – hunter access only, booking basis.
  • Book through D.O.C Taupo.

Waimatai Helipad

D.O.C Kaweka Campsite

  • Bush block.
  • Slips & clearings.
  • Campsite only.
  • Take compass and GPS.

Island Range Drop Off

East Lands Trust Block

  • DOC Access point only for upper Ecology Stream.
  • Campsite only.
  • Some open tops.
  • Beech valley.
  • Steep.
  • Sika & Red deer.
  • Require DOC Hunting Permit.