April Availabilities

Please be advised the below blocks that are available are first in first served. We try to update this list as regularly as possible but some bookings may have already been taken. 

If you require more information on the blocks and boundaries, access the hunting blocks section of the website, this will provide maps and some pictures of the block or drop off.

 If you do wish to book a block please contact us via email or phone call, with the maximum stay being 6 nights.

Dead Tree Drop Off:                    1st – 13th, 19th – 30th

Waiokaka (reduced block size): 1st – 15th, 19th – 30th

Korohi Bivvie                              1st – 7th

Lower Ripia                                 18th – 23rd, 26th Onwards

Te Matai:                                     1st – 8th

Upper Ripia:                               19th – 22th

Upper Mohaka:                           26th – 1st

Island Range Drop:                     1st – 11th

Makorako:                                   1st – 30th

Mangaorangi Drop                      7th – 14th 

Mangamaire Junction:                1st – 7th, 28th onwards

Mt Cameron:                               1st – 12th, 24th Onwards

Ngapuketarua:                           6th – 12th

Rangitikei Drop Off                   1st – 12th, 26th Onwards

Te Piri Drop Off                         1st – 10th

Thunderbolt Drop                     1st -5th, 18th – 30th

Mangatanguru                          28th Onwards