There are a large number of walking trails running through the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Ranges, offering spectacular single or multi-day trips. Helisika offers drop-off or pick up flights from multiple locations; oneway drop-off or pickups if you want to walk in/out.

Some DOC trails and frequently visited sites in the Kaimanawa/Kaweka area, pass through or are located on privately owned land, managed by Helisika. It is your responsibility to ensure you are permitted for the land you are transiting. If you wish to walk / transit through Helisika lease land you will require an access permit.

To acquire a permit email our office ( [email protected] ) with a map of your planned route and the dates you wish to travel. (please note tramping permits can only be issued up to 3 weeks prior to your trip). We will then check that the land is free of other paying clients and send out a permit to be completed. Once your permit is completed, it will need to be returned with payment (see below) before we verify the permit.

Depending on the duration of your time in private land we have varying fees, see below:

Single day permit $50.00 administration fee, per party

Multi day permit: $100.00 administration fee, per party