Te Rua Flats Campsite

Hughes 500E:
AS350 Squirrel:
Land fee:
Doc Drop Fees: $25.30 Per Landing/pp ($50.60 pp/return trip)

D.O.C Kaweka Helipad

  • Steep native sides.
  • Scruby river terraces.
  • Campsite only.
  • Good fishing.
  • Rainbows.

Hunting Blocks in 3D Using Google Earth

We have have mapped out our hunting blocks in 3D for all huts and boundaries to maximise your hunting experience. Simply download Google Earth for free and download the KML file for you to orientate stake out your next trip with us.

Terms & Conditions for D.O.C. Hunting Blocks

  • From July 1, 2019 DOC has changed their  concession charges. They are now $24 per person, per landing. These fees are now in addition to the flight costs.
  • We no longer issue DOC hunting permits at the hanger. Permits can now be obtained online at: DOC Permits & Licences
  • We are only permitted to land at huts or designated landing sites.
  • We can provide Hut Tickets and Fishing Licenses.
  • Hut Tickets: All huts $ 5.00 /night/person. Boyd Lodge hut is $10/night/person
  • Have your hut tickets and hunting/dog permits ready to show your pilot.
  • We are not permitted to fly in chainsaws.
  • Dogs must have “Avian Training Certificate” before we can fly them into the Kaweka Forest Park.
  • Everything that goes in must come out.
  • Huts must be left tidy, with dry firewood and free from all rubbish, including ALL food.
  • Prices are per load and include: GST and return flight. 

General Terms & Conditions

  • All prices valid to 30th of June, yearly, and are subject to change thereafter.
  • One-way trips are half price. Leave your vehicle at the hanger and walk out when it suits you.
  • During the summer, day fishing parties will take priority to hunting parties as they have limited time.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your flight time. Also be ready one hour before your flight time out of your block.
  • If you are late, be prepared to wait until all other parties are in before we get to you. One late party puts the whole day behind.
  • Due to bad weather conditions we sometimes are not able to fly, so be prepared for an extra night in those conditions.
  • We have EFTPOS / Visa / Mastercard available at the hanger. We cannot accept American Express Payments. All credit card transactions occur a 2% surcharge.


For helicopter loading capacities and configuration, download and view this PDF.