Mangamaire Junction Campsite

Owhaoko BD Trust Land

  • Campsite only.
  • Big Rainbows for good fisherman.
  • Rivers flats.
  • Very limited hunting due to surrounding private and Army land.
  • Hunting on DOC land only, permit required.
  • Block is closed for Hunting 20 Dec – 1 March & 1June – 30 Sept yearly.


Te Piri Stream Drop Off

  • DOC Drop off point only.
  • You must cross river and camp & hunt on DOC side.
  • Steep scrub sides.
  • Pockets of native beech.
  • Good hunting up on (Whakamauru Tops/Paradise Valley).
  • Must have DOC Hunting Permit.
  • No hunting on private land. If you are caught on private land you will be prosecuted under the ‘Wild Animal Control Act” and could recieve up to $100,000 fine and seizer of hunting equipment.