Te Piri Stream Drop Off

  • DOC Drop off point only.
  • You must cross river and camp & hunt on DOC side.
  • Steep scrub sides.
  • Pockets of native beech.
  • Good hunting up on (Whakamauru Tops/Paradise Valley).
  • Must have DOC Hunting Permit.
  • No hunting on private land. If you are caught on private land you will be prosecuted under the ‘Wild Animal Control Act” and could recieve up to $100,000 fine and seizer of hunting equipment.

Tussock Saddle (Otore Saddle)

D.O.C Kaweka Hut

  • Good roar block.
  • Tussock flats to south.
  • Steep bush on north faces.
  • Campsite with bivvy shelter for cooking.

Tussock Hut

D.O.C Kaweka Hut

  • Bush ridges.
  • Tussock valley
  • Scrub faces
  • Good all year round block.
  • Wood stove
  • 6 bunk hut.

Harkness Saddle Shelter

D.O.C Kaweka Pad

  • Tight bush.
  • Some small clearings.
  • Take a compass, a few get lost in there.
  • Creek & ridge hunting
  • For a good 3-4 day hunt, start here and get picked up from Mangatainoka Hut.

Harkness Hut

D.O.C Kaweka Hut

  • Mainly bush hunting.
  • Scrub faces to south
  • Some open tops
  • Steeper
  • 6 bunk
  • Wood stove


Cascade Hut

D.O.C Kaimanawa Hut

  • Mainly bush Hunting.
  • River flats & some clearings.
  • Good winter block.
  • Newly renovated 6 bunk
  • Wood stove
  • Easy Going contour.


Boyd Lodge

D.O.C Kaimanawa Hut

  • Bush
  • Scrub
  • Easy tussock
  • Sika
  • Good fishing for Rainbows
  • 12 bunks in two bunk rooms.
  • Wood supplied by DOC
  • Good Family Hut
  • Kaimanawa and Kawaka Forest Park access.

Back Ridge Bivvy

D.O.C Kawaka Bivvy

  • Open tops
  • Bush
  • Good Summer
  • 2 bunks
  • Outside cooking