Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

Have a look through the Hunting Blocks on our website to see which hut or block will suit you, then get in touch via the contact option.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will need to pay a deposit to confirm your private block booking. Deposits are $400 for all April bookings and $200 for all other times of the year. The deposit will be credited to the total cost of your trip. DOC Hut bookings do not require a deposit.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking more than 60 days prior, we will credit your deposit to your next trip. No refunds will be issued. If you cancel with less than 60 days notice, you forfeit your deposit.

Can I make a booking more than 12 months in advance for private blocks?

No. Our rebooking policy is that parties have the first right to rebook their same dates for the following year. Rebooking is your responsibility and we suggest verbally rebooking when you fly in or out and confirming it with a follow up email. Kaweka DOC Hut bookings can be made up to 18 months in advance.

Can I bring a chilly bin or hard box with me?

Yes you can but it must not be more than 70lts and no more than 42cm wide and 45cm high. Please see the Helicopter Loading and Capacity page for more detail.

How do I book my flight time?

Please phone or email us 3-4 days prior to your flight to book your flight time.

When should I arrive at the Helisika base?

Please be here 30 minutes prior to your booked flight time. This will give you time to get your gear sorted and do the required paperwork. Do not arrive more than 1 hour prior. If you arrive late, please be prepared to wait until we can slot you into our schedule.

When will you pick me up from my block?

We arrange the pick up time while you are doing your paperwork when you fly in. You will need to be ready 1 hour prior to this time. If there is a group flying in the same day that you come out, you have the option to stay in the block until midday. If there is no other party flying in on the same day that you fly out, you can fly out later if requested.

Can you drop me somewhere on the block other than the hut?

Yes, we can drop you anywhere on your block that we can land safely. If you want to drop your gear off at the hut and then be dropped on the tops, for example, that is fine. We do, however, charge an additional $100 for the extra drop off.