Helisika Newsletter

Hello all!

Hi to all Helisika clients and welcome to our new season news letter.

Well, we can certainly feel spring in the air now at our Poronui base and new grass growth can't be too far away in the lower blocks. We're seeing more deer out on bush clearings later into the morning especially after a spell of average weather and the jelly fern is just coming out on the lower bush clearings. Good time to start thinking about a spring meat hunt.
Just recently we've seen a couple of good stags come out so you may get lucky and run into one of these. Pressure will come on in November so if the weather holds October might be a good option to get in first.

The BD trust blocks open up on the 1st of October so just to let guys who have bookings in there know the Trust have made some changes to their policy on dogs. If you want to take a dog into any of the following blocks.

GH Hut
GH Strip
Tin Kettle
Te Wake
Otutu Island
Gorge Tops

You must have the prior approval of either Mark Ross- 021 416 060 or Rangi Hawira- 027 737 1201. Your dog must also have completed Kiwi Aversion Training and have the certificate to prove this. I hope this message gets to everybody because fees to dog sit your pooch at the hanger while you're in hunting will be exceedingly high.

Another administrational notice is that all credit card transactions from now on will incur a 2% surcharge. Sorry to have to add this but with increasing numbers of people paying this way we need to recover the fees somehow. We still take cash,cheques and encourage internet banking so shouldn't be too hard for people to avoid this.

Some of you may have noticed we now have a Facebook page thanks to Sam, our resident tech genius. We encourage you to keep an eye on this page for regular updates on whats been happening at Helisika, last minute cancelations and other hunting and fishing news.

Well thats about it from us. We look forward to providing you with another year of safe and reliable transport into the backcountry and thank you for flying with us.

Regards The Helisika Team.


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