Helicopter Safety

Being Safe in and around helicopters

Do not approach or leave without the pilots knowledge and clearance. Keep in the pilots field of vision.

Exiting a Helicopter

On sloping ground always approach or leave on the downslope side for maximum rotor clearance.

On Approach

If blinded by swirling dust or grit, STOP - crouch lower, or sit down and wait for assistance.


Take Care When Exiting

If disembarking while helicopter is at the hover, get out and off in a smooth unhurried manner.

Keep your Distance

Do not approach or leave a helicopter when the engine and rotors are running down or starting up.


Keep Body & Limbs Low

Proceed in a crouching manner for extra rotor clearance. Hold onto hat unless chin straps are used. Never, never, reach up or chase after a hat or other articles that blow away.

Carying Packs & Rifles

All carry tools & gear, etc, horizontally below waist level - never upright or on the shoulder.