East Taupo Lands Trust Block

  • Kanuka faces & flats
  • Beech valley & pockets
  • 4 bunk bivvy hut.
  • Pots & pans
  • Cultery & crokery.
  • Gas & gas cooker.
  • Open fire place.
Hughes 500E
R44 Robinson
AS350 Squirrel
Land Fee
$50 Per Night/Person

Terms & Conditions for Private Hunting Blocks

  • Maximum of 7 days per booking and minimum of two land fees per booking/night.
  • Certain Maori Land Trusts do not allow dogs and limit parties to 4 persons so ask when you book if this will affect you.
  • All April bookings require a $ 400 non- refundable deposit by the end of November each year. If the booking is cancelled, giving at least 60 days notice the deposit can be transferred to another booking.
  • With all April bookings, you will pay land fees for the nights you book. Example, if you book 7 nights you pay for 7 nights even if you only stay 6 nights.
  • All other private booking require a $200 non-refundable deposit paid within 14 days of booking to secure dates. If the booking is cancelled giving at least 60 days notice the deposit can be transferred to another booking.
  • Parties have the right to renew their bookings for the same block and dates for the following year. But this must be done immediately after their trip. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are rebooked not ours. Failure to do so will mean that the block will go to the next party that book or that may be on a waiting list.
  • We will only book private blocks up to 12 months in advance.
  • Prices are per load and include G.S.T and return flight.
  • All map references are Top50 series maps
  • Please remember land fees are for access to the land not for use of the hut, huts are a bonus.
  • Strictly no night shooting. The use of night vision, infrared or thermal imaging gear is strictly prohibited.
  • Block boundary maps will be provided for all private blocks. It is your responsibility to ensure you know your boundaries and remain within your block at all times. Block boundary maps act a trespass notices and if you are found out of your block you could be prosecuted for trespassing and also under the "Wild Animal Control Act" which can result up too $100,000 fines and seizer of hunting equipment.

    General Terms & Conditions

    • All prices valid to 30th. June 2017. But subject to change thereafter.
    • Group discounts of 15% apply to 5 groups or mores. (Flights only not land fees)
    • One-way trips are half price. Leave your vehicle at the hanger and walk out when it suits you.
    • During the summer day fishing parties will slot ahead of hunting parties as they have limited time.
    • Please arrive 30 minutes before your flight time. Also be ready one hour before your flight time out of your block.
    • If you are late be prepared to wait until all other parties are in before we get to you. One late party puts the whole day behind.
    • Due to bad weather conditions we sometimes are not able to fly, so be prepared for an extra night in those conditions.
    • We have EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard available at the hanger.


    For helicopter loading capacities and configuration, download and view this PDF. If you would like to make a booking enquiry then click the 'Book Now' button below.

    Hunting Blocks in 3D Using Google Earth

    We have have mapped out our hunting blocks in 3D for all huts and boundaries to maximise your hunting experience. Simply download Google Earth for free and download the KML file for Mangatanguru for you to orientate stake out your next trip with us.

    Download & Experience Location in Google Earth